Kyoto Institute of Technology

Ambassadress of the Republic of Latvia in Japan visits President Furuyama

September 01, 2017

On May 9, 2017 (Tue), Ms Dace Penke, wife of the Latvian Ambassador to Japan, visited President Furuyama.

The visit took place in light of the exhibition "LATVIA. ARCHITECTURE AT CONVERGENCE", taking place at our Museum and Archives from May 10 (Wed) to June 3 (Sat). Ms Penke, who among other things is an architect herself, has been directly involved in the planning of the exhibition and during her visit made a final check of the setting. The exhibition is hosted by the Embassy of the Republic of Latvia in Japan and the request for holding the exhibition at we were made through magazine companies to Professor Matsukuma of the Faculty of Design and Architecture.
After checking the exhibition on the first floor, Ms Penke had the opportunity to watch the architectural drawing exhibition "Togo Murano and Client: through his works for Kintetsu", being held on the second floor. Ms Penke was particularly pleased with the students' models of Murano's drawings, which she openly praised.

The discussion with President Furuyama took place in a very friendly atmosphere with the two parties exchanging information about Latvia and Japan as well as the two countries' architectural and cultural heritage. Despite the short period of stay, the visit was definitely one that deepened friendly relations.


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