Kyoto Institute of Technology

Kyoto Institute of Technology participated in the G7 Education Conference in Italy

September 01, 2017

Following an invitation to President Furuyama, Vice President Pezzotti and 2 students, KIT participated in the G7 University Conference, held on June 29 - 30 in Udine, Italy.
The invitation came as a result of KIT's continuous interaction with Italian universities as well as an opinion exchange with the Italian embassy and Consulate, recognizing the active reforms KIT has been implementing.

At the conference, which had "Education for All" as central topic, round table discussions took place on the several challenges of higher education and the way to address them. The result of the discussion was summarized and presented in the form of a joint declaration on the final day.
At the first day round table discussion, President Furuyama made a speech on higher education and economic development, explaining the various issues related to Japan and us. In addition, he introduced our unique regional human resource development program, which aims at nurturing local talent and returning it to the community.

Prior to this conference, President Furuyama and his delegation visited our partner institution Politecnico di Torino and signed an agreement in order to further accelerate exchange projects between the two universities.
We and Politecnico di Torino are promoting joint research and student exchanges in the materials science and architecture field. Furthermore, the two institutions are in the process of establishing a double degree program and setting up a joint exchange hub, actively promoting exchange in multiple areas.

We already has three hubs in Thailand and, as a result of the visit to Italy and the collaborative agreement with Politecnico di Torino, further activities are anticipated in Europe and especially Italy.


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