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Developing Students with a Frontier Spirit for the Future

Project Summary

Through its efforts in the Top Global University Project, Meiji University is developing students with a frontier spirit for the future, by encouraging students' proactive learning, we will send out approximately 8,000 graduates each year into the world as global human resources who can learn, think and act proactively to shape a new future in our diverse world.

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〈 New Pedagogical Systems as Part of the Comprehensive Educational Reform 〉

Meiji University has decided to implement a new timetable (with 100 minutes per slot, consisting of two 50-minute modules), starting in the 2017 academic year.
Our objective is to construct a framework allowing for the establishment of an environment that makes it easier for students to study abroad, in accordance with the globalization policy for each undergraduate school.

〈 "ALL ABOUT MEIJI ― Meiji in Numbers" 〉

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ALL ABOUT MEIJI~Meiji in Numbers

〈 Global Campus based on cross-cultural exchange 〉

In addition to target sending 4,000 students to study abroad annually by 2023, we also intend to accept 4,000 international students at our university by 2023.
The Cross-cultural Experience Opportunities in Japan program envisages interaction with the 4,000 international students who will be accepted to our university every year. The program offers this type of opportunity in Japan even for Japanese students who have no plans to study overseas.

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〈 Knowledge creation from world city Tokyo 〉

M's Opinion : Proposals for Society
"Dissemination of knowledge" by Meiji University teachers. Teachers in diverse fields of research make proposals to society based on their specialized knowledge.