Nagaoka University of Technology

The Education Program for Innovative Global Engineers
― Toward development of an integrated global campus with collaboration between industry, academia, and government ―

〈 Our Vision of the Future Thought 〉

The university leading innovative global engineering education with strong network among world-leading strategic regions in the next-generation.

〈 Outline of the Concept 〉

We are looking toward the globalization of the Japan's economy in the future, we design "the university leading innovative global engineering education with strong network among world-leading strategic regions in the next-generation" as an element of our vision in 10 years, we implement the vision by the pillars as follows;

Promoting KOSEN-University of Technology (GIGAKU) Education and Research Model at next-generation strategic regions and establishing "GIGAKU Education and Research Network"

Promoting Industry-Academia Cooperation Model at overseas strategic regions and establishing "GIGAKU Techno Park Network"

Promoting a world-leading research in the technical field that meets the demands of global society

GIGAKU = Science of Technology

GIGAKU is the basic philosophy of our university since the time of its foundation, we aim to establish GIGAKU Education and Research Model that is attracting the world's attention at the overseas strategic regions. Global educational environment that has been established by GIGAKU, is the indispensable environment for students who will be practical engineers that create innovation in the new global fields. GIGAKU is the ultimate goal in this concept.

Overview of the Ten-year Plan


Improving and Expanding Program for
Cultivating Practical Global Engineers

In order to develop GIGAKU education and research programs for cultivating practical engineers worldwide, we are implementing a variety of collaboration programs for undergraduate to doctoral students with overseas-based institutions and companies.


Establishing Integrated Global Campus
supported by GIGAKU Techno Park (GTP)

We aim to construct an integrated global campus at each strategic area by combining industry-academia-government cooperation projects and GIGAKU practical education through GTP that has been developed globally. Especially, we promote interactive exchange among university students, KOSEN students, SME engineers, and faculties and staff.


Promoting industrialization of
technology by Industry-Academia
international collaborative research project

Utilizing the Industry-Academia collaborative research, we are proceeding investigation of domestic and international enterprise profiles and technological innovation. We aim to achieve an industrial innovation by global joint research with enterprise.


40% of students experience
the innovation at overseas before
finishing their Master's Program

Using the overseas Jitsumu-Kunren (long-term internship) and GIGAKU Techno Park that we cultivating, we can make innovation experiences at overseas to students in each stage: KOSEN (National Institute of Technology), undergraduate (Jitsumu-Kunren), and graduate course (research exchange).


Ratio of international students
will be 25% by expanding Twinning
Program and Double Degree Program

We are accepting diverse foreign students from all over the world by implementing various types of cooperation programs for all students and developing Twinning Program, Double Degree Program, and so on.


Realization of Interactive
Overseas Internship (Jitsumu-Kunren)

We have been providing new learning opportunities through the GIGAKU Education and Research Network and GIGAKU Techno Park Network, and we realize interactive overseas Jitsumu-Kunren.
We provide education using Integrated Global Campus, and encourage Japanese students to participate in internship at overseas universities and enterprises, and foreign students participate in research and internship at our university and Japanese companies, and so on.


The Establishment of offices at overseas-based strategic regions

We are implementing international collaborative education programs, and establish offices at overseas-based regions where selected strategically based on the trend of Japanese company's business expansion to build the strong network.