Nagaoka University of Technology

Visits to Mongolian University of Science and Technology, Japanese Embassy to Mongolia, and JICA Mongolia Office

March 16, 2015

Dr. Niihara, President, Dr. Azuma, Executive Director and Vice President, Dr. Ito, Director of University Library, Dr. Nakayama, Associate Professor of Electrical, Electronics and Information Engineering, and Dr. Honma (Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering) visited the Mongolian University of Science and Technology (MUST) on March 2, 2015 (Mon). They provided explanations and exchanged opinions related to challenges of Nagaoka University of Technology in Mongolia, focusing on the GIGAKU Techno Park plan, which is one challenge in the "Top Global University Project."

In an opinion exchange meeting held in MUST, more than 30 teaching staff participated from MUST, listening attentively to the explanations provided by Associate Professor Dr. Nakayama, who is in charge of GIGAKU Techno Park in Mongolia. They mutually expressed their expectations for future activities. After the opinion exchange meeting, we paid a courtesy call on President Dr. Ochirbat at the president's room. President Dr. Niihara expressed his wishes for cooperation in deepening of future exchanges between the two countries, including NUT and MUST, and the plans of NUT, centering on GIGAKU Techno Park, and obtained his agreement for full cooperation. President Dr. Ochirbat commented in support of cooperation to expand educational and research exchange and to contribute to the development of both countries. The two presidents then shook hands firmly.

In addition, on the same day, President Dr. Niihara, Vice-president Dr. Azuma, and Associate Professor Dr. Nakayama paid a courtesy call on Mr. Shimizu, Japanese ambassador plenipotentiary to Mongolia. The ambassador Mr. Shimizu enlightened us on the importance of challenges to promote industrial development in Mongolia based on manufacturing developable in the medium-term and long-term, shifting from industries influenced by commodity market prices, mainly mining. From this perspective, we received word of support for the promotion of joint research between NUT and MUST related to practical education linked directly to the promotion of manufacturing industry.

After having visited the Embassy of Japan in Mongolia, we made a visit to JICA Mongolia Office and exchanged opinions on the 9-year Twinning Project, which has already reached an agreement and which is developing concrete plans, supported by JICA and a collaborative project for fostering new industries.

With this visit, accelerating development is anticipated in joint research between Nagaoka University of Technology and Mongolian University of Science and Technology concerning practical education linked directly to promotion of manufacturing industry and the establishment of ventures by the collaboration of the two universities through it.



Dr.Ochirbat, President(right), and Dr.Niihara, President, shaking hands