Nagaoka University of Technology

GIGAKU Techno Park (GTP) at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, as third GTP, has been successfully established

March 19, 2015

On the 16th of March, 2015, with drifting "spring is in the air", Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) successfully opened its GIGAKU Techno Park (GTP) at Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), Hanoi, under collaboration with HUST. This opening was held solemnly at the lobby of the 5th floor of Library Building, a Landmark of HUST campus. There attended Dr. PHAM HOANG LUONG, Vice President of HUST and Dr. NOBUHIKO AZUMA, Vice President/Executive Officer of NUT attended. In addition, we had honorable guest, Mr. TAKEO ISOMURA, Deputy Director of JETRO.
At beginning of ceremony Dr. LUONG addressed following remarks;
*Strategic relationship between HUST & NUT has been lasting strongly over 20years.
*ESCANBER project (JST/JICA) started in 2011 and also in 2014 VJIIST program commenced.

Dr. LUONG concluded that these unceasing development between HUST & NUT had been also highly appreciated in the country and results duly demonstrate and evidence successful outputs of the Concept of GIGAKU created by NUT. In conclusion, Dr. LUONG noted that GTP now should be a symbol of Concept of GIGAKU therefore, for the achievement of our mutual goal we together are aggressively approaching to SMEs in both countries and consequently collaborative research will be more active.

Dr. N. Azuma also delivered NUT's competitive strategy, in relation to the Global GTP Network Project as follows;
With running GIGAKU Educational Network and GTP Network around the world to meet the challenge of turning out the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs NUT will foster the Innovative Global Engineers. Practically, Eco-systems at GTP will be working on promoting exchange of students, young researchers, professors, and engineers among industries and universities in the international network. Thanks to this global network of GTP, we will be able to bring up highly qualified Vietnamese and Japanese engineers and develop the innovative industries in Vietnam and Japan. Dr. N. Azuma closed his speech by addressing that HUST is one of NUT's most important partners and taking advantage of this opening of GTP, the mutual relationship both in university and country shall be increasingly strengthened. Added to that, the current development of collaborative research activity between HUST and Japanese companies is encouraging NUT & HUST.

Finally, Mr. T. ISOMURA, Deputy Director, JETRO complimented to this opening of GTP. "I am originally a banking officer of SHOKOCHUKIN, a biggest player in SMEs business in Japan. As a staff of JETRO I have been supporting Japanese SMEs both in Vietnam and Japan. This is an honorable opportunity to meet top management of educational community for the first time. If promoting successfully to bridge Japanese and Vietnamese SMEs in collaborative business and research activity, it would bring much more benefits to both SMEs and industries. With using more effective networks of SMEs, operating in Asia, JETRO will be willing to participate into this "GTP network".

During networking break, all the participants actively and enthusiastically took part in the discussion. We had recognized and agreed that SMEs in both countries shall be key sector for sustainable innovation in industry.

Finally, this GTP, an Eco-System, will undoubtedly evolve to show its power under strategic collaboration between HUST & NUT. While cultivating Entrepreneurship and catalyzing technology commercialization, we will broaden NUT's GIGAKU mission in proactive attitude.


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[(left) Opening remark by Vice President Dr. LUONG, and (right) Ribbon Cutting Ceremony]


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[(left) Photo session, and (right) Opening banner]