Nagaoka University of Technology

The Fifth International GIGAKU Conference Held

October 20, 2016

"The Fifth International GIGAKU Conference in Nagaoka (IGCN 2016)" was held on October 6th (Thu) and 7th (Fri). It was an international conference conducted with the intent to make "GIGAKU" a common language throughout the world and also with the aim of internationalizing the Nagaoka region.

This fifth conference was a great success with many attendance, including 32 invitees from 9 foreign countries, 129 poster presenters from 8 foreign countries and others.

On the 6th (Thu), the Regional Activation Section took place at Nagaoka Machinaka Campus which was participated by people from about 40 companies in and out of Niigata Prefecture. We shared and exchanged the information related to foreign customs and other matters that must be known in developing businesses in all countries of the world.

On the 7th (Fri), under the theme of "Best Practices of GIGAKU", Plenary Session and Poster Session of the International Section were held at NUT.At the beginning of the plenary session, Dr. Azuma (President of NUT) delivered a lecture entitled "Future of GIGAKU Education in the New Era of Globalization". Following that, lectures were given by Dr. Hitoshi Kiya (Professor, Tokyo Metropolitan University), Dr. Modesto Mateos Heis (Professor, Mondragon University), Dr. Sampan Silapanad (Vice-president, Western Digital Thailand Co., Ltd.), Mr. Takehiro Nakagawa (Master student of NUT), Dr. Sergio Antonio Silva (Director, Universidad de Guanajuato), Dr. Naohiro Hozumi (Professor, Toyohashi University of Technology), Dr. Wan Ahmad Kamil Mahmood (Assistant Vice-Chancellor, Professor, Universiti Sains Malaysia), Dr. Seiichi Kawahara (Assoc. Professor, NUT), Mr. Nguyen Van Ba (Counselor, Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in Japan) and Dr. Ximena Maria Alarcon Verduzco (Administration General Director, Services of High School and Higher Education of Guanajuato).

The Poster session was prepared for the following ten category: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Science, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Information & Management, Bioengineering, Safety Society & Technology, Nuclear System Safety, GIGAKU Education and Techno Park. Active discussions were carried out and 11 poster presenters were selected as the Excellent Poster Award winners.


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