Nagaoka University of Technology

3rd GTP Alliance Meeting was held

October 17, 2017

The 3rd GTP Alliance Meeting was held on 5th October (Thu) at Nagaoka City Hall Aore, about 40 people who concerned in the GTP* Office's gathered together. This meeting aims to discuss the progress and the future agenda of 9 offices in 7 countries (included future planning).

President Dr. Azuma delivered opening remarks, and following made a presentation of the progress and the future agenda by each office. We could confirm the past efforts of each office and the future strategies. For the final, Executive Director/Vice-president Dr. Mikami delivered general overview, and the meeting has been closed.

Through this GTP activates, we will actively pursue the support for cultivating practical engineers and globalization of SMEs in future.

*GTP: GIGAKU Techno Park

Nagaoka University of Technology has been selected for participation in the "Top Global University Project" established by MEXT in 2014. We establish the international cooperative education and international Industry-Academia-Government collaboration as the core of network, and promote the creation of integrated campus which aims to develop the education and research which based on "GIGAKU". Currently, 8 offices in 6 countries (Mongolia, Mexico, Viet Nam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Basque Country/Spain) were established.


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