Nagaoka University of Technology

"The seventh International GIGAKU Conference in Nagaoka (IGCN 2018)" was held

October 16, 2018

"The seventh International GIGAKU Conference in Nagaoka(IGCN 2018)"was held on October 5th(Fri).It was an international conference conducted with the intent to make"GIGAKU"a common language throughout the world and also with the aim of internationalizing the Nagaoka region.

This seventh conference was a great success with about 400 attendees from domestic and foreign university,National Institute of Technology,company and others in 17 countries.

On the 5th(Fri),under the theme of"The Future of GIGAKU Education",Plenary Session and Poster Session were held at NUT.Keynote lectures were given by Dr.Kazuhiko Takemoto(Inaugural Director,United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability(UNU-IAS),Dr.Sampan Silapanad(Vice-president,Western Digital Thailand Co.,Ltd.),Dr.Wolfgang Kickmaier(Head International Relations,Zurich University of Applied Sciences School of Engineering),and Dr.Kazunori Sato(Vice President,NUT).

The Poster session was prepared for the following two categories:GIGAKU Education and GIGAKU Research and Development.Active discussions were carried out and 14 poster presenters were selected as the Excellent Poster Award winners.


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