Nagaoka University of Technology

The 4th GTP Alliance Meeting was held

October 18, 2018

Nagaoka University of Technology held the 4th GTP Alliance Meeting-Part 1 on 4th October(Thu)at Nagaoka City Hall Plaza Aô-re Nagaoka. NUT invited personnel related to strategic regions where NUT/GTP offices are established.This meeting was intended to exchange information and form personnel connection between GTP networks.

In the first place,Vice-president Dr.Mikami delivered opening speech and Dr.Kobayashi,chair of GTP committee gave an overview of the GTP project.

In the second place,coordinators of Vietnam and Malaysia made a presentation of the progress and the future agenda of each office.Following that,Mr.Hiroshi Iwadate,coordinator of Research & Network Promotion(RNP)Unit,JICA Project for AUN/SEED-Net delivered keynote lecture and introduced achievement of Industry-Academia and Collaborative education program.

Finally,coordinators and NUT professors in charge of each office(Mongolia,Mexico,Vietnam,Thailand,Malaysia,Spain/Basque Country,and India),and participants exchanged information and views of foreign situations actively.

Next day,5th October(Fri),4th GTP Alliance Meeting-Part 2 was held at Nagaoka University of Technology and each office's coordinators and master students reported current situation of GTP activities to NUT faculty,staff,and students.

Through the GTP activities,we actively contribute to cultivating practical engineers and supporting globalization of SMEs from now on.


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[(from left) Opening Remarks by Dr.Mikami, GTP activities by Coordinators, and Keynote lecture by Mr.Iwadate]


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[Information exchange]