Nagaoka University of Technology

The 3rd Panel on GIGAKU Education was held

October 18, 2018

Nagaoka University of Technology held"The 3rd Panel on GIGAKU Education"on 5th October(Fri),2018.This Meeting was set up as the equivalent of GIGAKU Education Standards which is implemented under the Top Global University Project"The Education Program for Innovative Global Engineers~Toward development if an integrated global campus with collaboration between industry,academia,and government~"selected by MEXT.To establish network of Global Alliance and discuss engineering program for future practical engineers,core member of Alliance gathered at NUT.

At first,President Dr.Azuma delivered opening remark and Alliance core member gave personal and institutional introduction.Following that,NUT presented engineering education programme(GIGAKU Education Programme)and received comments by participants from 18 institutes in 10 countries.Participants actively contributed to the development of the discussion,and international applicability of engineering education was confirmed.

In the future,NUT will apply UNITWIN together with Global Alliance Member.


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[(from left) Opening Speech by Dr. Azuma, and Situation of The 3rd Panel on GIGAKU education]



[Memorial Photo of Alamance member and its candidate]