Nagaoka University of Technology

3rd STI-Gigaku 2018 was held

October 30, 2018

The 3rd International Conference of "Science of Technology Innovation" 2018 (3rd STI-Gigaku 2018) hosted by Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) was held on 5th (Fri) - 6 th (Sat) October 2018 for 2 days long straight.

This STI-Gigaku conference was most importantly to focus on Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) (17 goals and 169 targets), which are the collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations as 2030 Agenda, connecting with parties involved in related fields, sectors, and nationalities to share research progress and achievements through discussing global and regional issues such as energy, climate change, poverty, and hunger along with SDGs so as to explore seek answers on the global topics. It brought together over 210 participants from National Institute of Technology (KOSEN) and universities under the same roof.

The 3rd conference has grown to become the most memorable international conference having celebrated an approval of NUT`s new educational program, "GIGAKU SDG Institute,", certified by UNESCO as UNESCO Chairs Programme, "UNESCO Chair on Engineering Education for Sustainable Development".

By NUT students, NUT`s original SDGs educational game; SDGs card game, SDGs carom game, and SDGs lighting polygon created by NUT students were exhibited and introduced to the guest: Ms. Rovani Sigamoney, Programme Specialist, UNESCO; Mr. Ikehara, Deputy Director-General for International Affairs, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) / Senior Deputy Secretary-General, Japanese National Commission for UNESCO. This exhibition was interviewed from covered by 2 newspapers and 1 local TV media company.

Besides above, the first day kicked off with poster presentation, Laboratory tour, and networking dinner, and poster award ceremony. 123 posters were contributed, and total of 22 poster presenters were awarded won award of "BEST POSTER AWARD".

The second day featured student work shop, called "Ideathon (idea + marathon)," to discussof which theme "Start-up Business for Revitalizing Industry・Idea・Design.".. 21 students into 5 teams competed on creating business star-up ideas on products, service, and distribution along to Nagaoka city`s industry in such filed of fermentation and energy. At the closing, the most excellent team of presenters were won award of awarded "BEST IDEA DESIGN AWARD" (Venue: NaDeC BASE).


「BEST POSTER AWARD」22 recipients of award:


*NIT=National Institute of Technology


Wataru NAKATA NIT,Nagaoka College
Hazuki KURASHITA NIT,Miyakonojo College
Mika TAKAHI Nagaoka University of Technology
Takeru ISA NIT,Nagaoka College
Miyu MATSUMOTO NIT,Ube College
Risa IWATA NIT,Akita College
Syogo OKUDA NIT NIT,Anan College
Yuya KIMURA NIT,Kure College
Katsuki WATANABE Nagaoka University of Technology
Masato TAKAHIRO NIT,Maizuru College
Sotaro NAKAYAMA Kobe City College of Technology
Natsumi YAJIMA NIT,Oyama College
Sachino KOBAYASHI NIT,Tomakomai College
PADRON PARRAGA JUAN VICENTE Nagaoka University of Technology
Akiya YAMASHITA NIT,Tsuruoka College
Kento OBUCHI Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology
Chie SHIMIZU NIT,Toyota Collage
Yoshihiro OKAMOTO NIT,Akashi College
Azusa YAMADA NIT,Miyakonojo College
Yuto HIGASHIMORI NIT,Miyakonojo College
Yujiro TOKUDA NIT,Kagoshima College
Yuya TAKIMOTO Nagaoka University of Technology


「BEST IDEA DESIGN AWARED」4 recipients of award:Team E


Takaharu TATSUNO Nagaoka University of Technology
Naoyuki Uebayshi Nagaoka University of Technology
Sakura MIYAKE NIT,Gifu College


181023_1.jpg 181023_2.jpg 181023_3.jpg

[(from left) Poster session, Group photo, and Exhibition of SDGs educational games]


181023_4.jpg 181023_5.jpg 181023_6.jpg

[(from left) Exhibition of SDGs educational games, SDGs lighting polygon, and (Second row in the middle)Ms.Rovani and NUT students]

181023_7.jpg 181023_8.jpg

[(left) Workshop"Ideathon", and (right) Workshop group photo (Front)Awarded team member]