Nagaoka University of Technology

NUT's SAKURA festival and commemorative event "SAKURA Trip × SDGs Week" were held!

April 24, 2019

To celebrate SAKURA (cherry blossoms) festival's 10th anniversary, NUT expanded the scope of the event and held "SDGs Week" from 13th (Sat) through 18th (Thu) April. Moreover, "SAKURA Trip" which concept is "Fermentation × Leaning × Linkage" was jointly held with companies and local government on 13th April (Sat).
Exceeding expectations significantly, 1,500 people from within and without Nagaoka city visited NUT on 13th (Sat), and we could share the knowledge of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), that are common goal of the international community with citizens while enjoying SAKURA viewing. More than 2,500 people visited during SDGs Week and this series of events finished with great success.


<Fermentation × Leaning × Linkage>


Visitors enjoyed various kinds of food and drink, such as Miso-soup, Steamed rice with soy sauce (Nagaoka Sekihan), lunch box utilizing local food, beer, and wine (related to fermented food), prepared by local companies and local government. Children could have fun while learning fermentation through a game named fermentation quiz and a microscope observation.


1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

[(from left) Fermentation March, Fermentation March, Microscopic observation, Lines of SAKURA trees in full bloom]


<SDGs Game & SDGs English conversation Cafe>


Parents and children learned SDGs while having fun through SDGs Education game "Save the world! Let's challenge SDGs game: SDGs Sugoroku, SDGs Stamp Rally, SDGs Mat, and SDGs carom". They were cooperating and thinking how to create sustainable world.
In the SDGs English conversation cafe, they could find how to solve the problem related to achievement goals of SDGs through communication with NUT international students.


5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg

[(from left) SDGs Mat (Bingo game), SDGs Stamp Rally (17 Questions), SDGs English Conversation Cafe]


<Jomon Life Experience>


The Jomon Monodzukuri (Manufacturing) experience, supported by Umataka Jomon Museum and a tour of Fujihashi ruins (adjoining NUT) were organized under the theme "Jomon × SDGs - Let's feel the life of 3,000 years ago under the SAKURA trees". Many children joined and made their own original earthenware and comma-shaped gem while imaging Jomon life.


8.jpg 9.jpg

[(from left) Making "Comma-shaped gem" and "Earthenware", Jomon Life Experience]


<SDGs Lecture>


On 18 th April (Thu), the final day of SDGs Week, Dr. Mikami / Advisor to the President gave lecture entitled "What's SDGs? Meaning to company and university" at the monthly meeting of Niigata Sangyojin Club. Lecture gave the information of SDGs, e.g., making a business chance and collaboration of Academia and Industry.


10.jpg 11.jpg

[(from left) Introduction to NUT given by Prof. Kamado / Executive Director, Vice-presiden, Explanatory notes of SDGs given by Dr. Mikami / Advisor to the President]


<SDGs Movie Show>


After sunset, movies selected by NUT/GTP office's coordinators and international students as relation to SDGs and their countries were shown on the wall of building and ground of central yard in the NUT campus. We shared each culture and SDGs mind in a relaxation space.


12.JPG 13.jpg 14.jpg

[(from left) Wall of Administration building 2, Ground of central yard, Contrast between dark sky and canvas]


Accepting the honor and responsibility as SDG9 Hub, Nagaoka University of Technology promotes an approach toward solving the problem of SDGs, including inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation together with citizens, companies, and local government.
We are planning to hold special events such as SDGs Week in future, so please join us.


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