Nagaoka University of Technology

Global Academia-Industry Consortium for Collaborative Education (GAICCE) Program Kick-off Symposium was held at Chulalongkorn University

May 22, 2019

Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT) promotes global Academia-Industry collaboration activities such as international collaborative research, student dispatch and acceptance, and interactive internship through GIGAKU Techno Park (GTP) offices established in strategic regions (Thailand: Chulalongkorn University - CU, Viet Nam: Hanoi University of Science and Technology - HUST, Malaysia : Universit Sains Malaysia - USM).
CU (facilitator), NUT, HUST, USM, and Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd. formed consortium and applied for Collaborative Education Program (CEP) of JICA AUN/SEED-Net. Our Global Academia-Industry Consortium for Collaborative Education (GAICCE) program was adopted, and we held GAICCE Kick-off Symposium at Maha Vajirunhis Building in CU, Bangkok, on 10th May (Fri) accordingly.
At the beginning of the symposium, Dr. Polkit / Dean of Faculty of Science, CU delivered opening speech. After that, Dr. Polkit and AUN/SEED-Net (Mr. Takahashi, and Mr. Murakami) signed to the Memorandum of Understanding of GAICCE program.
Following the group photographing, Ms. Wanichar / AUN/SEED-net and Dr. Siritan / CU introduced CEP and GAICCE program respectively. Subsequently, the members of GAICCE (CU Sci: Dr. Dujreutai, Dr. Rojana, CU Eng: Dr. Tawatchai, NUT: Dr. Kobayashi, USM: Dr. Rohana, HUST: Dr. Pham)explained their own university's strategy of this program.
Through this GAICCE program, we support international students of ASEAN region, furthermore, we create sustainable cooperative environment more multidisciplinarily and multilaterally utilizing GTP network and NUT's education program.


※GAICCE program


GAICCE, promoted by CU, NUT, HUST, USM, and Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd., was established in the framework of JICA AUN/SEED-Net Collaborative Education Program (CEP). CEP allows institutes to set up a consortium in collaboration with Japanese universities and other ASEAN universities to work with industry.
GAICEE supports double degree program students with scholarship from AUN/SEED-Net, and promotes mobility of students, faculty, and staff.


Global Academia-Industry Consortium for Collaborative Education(GAICCE)


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[(from left) Signing MOA by AUN/SEED-net and CU, Introduction of CU by Dr. Siritan, Introduction of NUT by Dr. Kobayashi, and Group photo of GAICCE member]