Nagaoka University of Technology

NUT's coordinator provided the SDGs Introduction work at JSTS 2019 "Japan Seminar on Technology for Sustainability 2019".

July 19, 2019

Japan Seminar on Technology for Sustainability (JSTS) is organized by Nagaoka University of Technology, National Institute of Technology, Toyohashi University of Technology, and Thammasat University. The objective of JSTS is to improve the capability of global communications that are essential for the global leaders, and cooperation with multitudinous group through various exchange activities such as English workshops based on SDGs17.
JSTS 2019 for the current year was held during July 7 (Sun) - 12 (Fri) 2019, supported by NIT, Fukushima College as a facilitator. Cross-cultural exchange was held on the first day of the seminar, and team activities and poster session were held for the rest of the days. The seminar was fulfilling and student participants have learned a great deal from morning till night during 6days.
The second day of the seminar, on July 8 (Mon), Ms. Kaoru NEMOTO, director of the United Nations Information Centre in Tokyo delivered a keynote lecture and the SDGs Introduction work was provided by NUT's coordinator.
The SDGs Introduction work by Dr. Mami KATSUMI, Coordinator of NUT, introduced our approach toward solving SDGs and facilitated discussion in a group across colleges and countries for "SDGs quiz." While a surprising voice came from the participating students to unexpected correct answers of the quiz, it became an opportunity to deepen their understanding of SDGs.


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[(left) Opening Ceremony/Dr. Osamu YAMASHITA President, NIT, Fukushima College, and (right) Keynote Lecture/Ms. Kaoru NEMOTO, Director of the UN Information Centre in Tokyo]


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[SDGs Introduction Work]


Recognizing the honor and responsibility elected as the SDG9 UNAI Hub representing university of the whole world, NUT will lead an effort to make a more sustainable world, including a formulation of the foundation for industry, innovation and infrastructure.
NUT will organize and hold international conferences related to SDGs in the future, too. NUT asks for your participation.



Conferences and events related to SDGs (as of July 12, 2019)

  • - August 20 (Tue) Meetings for exchange between Industry and Academia in Ojiya
  • - September 26 (Thu) NIIGATA BIZ EXPO 2019
  • - November 8 (Fri) 4th STI-Gigaku 2019
  • - November 9 (Sat) 4th STI-Gigaku 2019 & The 3rd "HAKKO Science" Idea Contest×HAKKO trip


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