Nagaoka University of Technology

New monument commemorating the appointment of SDG Hub for Goal 9 was established.

August 07, 2019

Since its founding, NUT has been focusing on international exchange and expansion. Currently, we have been actively promoting international exchange by concluding academic exchange agreements with approximately 110 overseas institutions and implementing international collaborative education such as the Twinning Program. Last year, our global practical engineers' education was approved, and NUT was appointed as a United Nations Academic Impact Hub for SDG 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) by the United Nations. Also, NUT's "GIGAKU SDG Institute" was certified as UNESCO Chairs Programme. It is the first certification of School of Engineering in Japan.


In order to commemorate these issues, a commemorative monument was established in the campus.


This monument was created based on a proposal by President Dr. Azuma to make the major cities of the world related to this university and this university more familiar. The colorful boards show the directions and distances from NUT to the major cities of the world.


We will continue to support SDGs and develop human resources with advanced skills and rich humanity in cooperation with foreign universities and businesses.



President Dr. Azuma completing the monument with tightening bolts



General Manager, Administrative Affairs, Mr. Tokunari (left), President Dr. Azuma (center), and Director, Administration, Mr. Akiyama (right)