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SDGs games devised by NUT were played at "NAGAOKA Future-Creating Expo"

August 27, 2019

At "NAGAOKA Future-Creating Expo" held on August 10 and 11, the SDGs games devised by NUT were played.


"NAGAOKA Future-Creating Expo" was hosted by Junior Chamber International NAGAOKA with "Create the future of Nagaoka 10 years from now on by everybody's challenges!" as theme. The event was held to enable both children and adults to enjoy the attractions of Nagaoka's technologies, foods, cultures, fireworks, and other things. We received a request for the provision of SDGs games devised by NUT as an opportunity to consider the social, economic, and environmental aspects surrounding participants.


Many children were able to experience the SDGs carom and SDGs Stamp Rally devised by NUT and enjoy deepening their understanding of the SDGs. In addition, we exhibited panels that summarize our efforts on SDGs, and gave local residents opportunities to learn about our active efforts to achieve the SDGs.


NUT offers enjoyable SDGs games for leaning from children to adults to help companies, educators, and local residents deepen their understanding of SDGs. These games are offered free of charge under conditions such as no secondary distribution to third parties. If you wish to use these games, please contact us via email from the website "Efforts of Nagaoka University of Technology Toward Achieving the SDGs."


Future-Creating Expo01.JPG

SDGs booths equipped with the SDGs carom devised by NUT


Future-Creating Expo02.jpg

"NAGAOKA Future-Creating Expo" flier