Nagaoka University of Technology

NUT faculty gave a lecture on SDGs at "The Niigata Nippo Social Gathering of Politics and Economics, Joetsu Area".

August 07, 2020

On 28 July (Tue), monthly meeting of The Niigata Nippo Social Gathering of Politics and Economics, Joetsu Area in July was held at Joetsu-City taking measures of prevention of COVID-19, such as wearing face mask, disinfection, and ventilation. Professor Makoto Nanko, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Head of Office for SDGs Promotion gave a lecture entitled "SDGs to be Learned and Utilized for Companies in Niigata."


After explaining general information of SDGs, Prof. Nanko introduced Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT)'s SDGs activities. And Prof. Nanko explained how importance of SDGs and collaboration with NUT will bring fruitful result to companies.

In addition, Prof. Nanko commented about recycling economy "Circular Economy" which Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry is promoting as an advanced SDGs with his research. Circular Economy will open a window of opportunity for new businesses linking to environment and economic growth.


Municipality, companies, and interested person of educational institutions in Joetsu-City were attended on that day, and this monthly meeting ended in a conciliatory mood with laughter.
NUT will continue to implement enlightening activities of SDGs to local communities through SDGs seminar or events. NUT will make efforts toward the realization of sustainable world together with local communities and municipality.