Nagoya University

21st Century Asian Hub University
for Creating a Sustainable Global Society

Project Overview

With the following four strategies, Nagoya University aims to develop
as a "21st Century Asian Hub University for Creating a Sustainable Global Society"

Target Setting and Initiatives for Success

From Nagoya Daigaku to Nagoya University: International Campus

1. Internationalization and Educational Reform

Education system with international compatibility

More Accessible Faculty and Staff Recruitment System

  • Increase international faculty and staff, improve English abilities of staff

Curricula Meeting International Standards

  • Expand the availability of English-taught Courses
    (837 → 1,680)
  • Course numbering and syllabi in English

Student Support

Ceaseless Improvement of Course Content

  • Incorporate student course evaluations

Strengthen Student Financial Aid

  • Increase the number of scholarship recipients (526 → 820)

2. Administrative and Organizational Restructuring

Streamlined Communication

Self evaluations, share of situational judgement and direction recognition

  • System for Institutional Research (IR)

Internationalization of Management Operations

Global Perspectives

  • Consult International Advisory Board and Foreign Experts

Research Initiatives

Support and secure mobility for young, female, and international researchers

  • Apply tenure-track system to newly employed assistant professors
  • Provide opportunities for female and international faculty within the Young Leaders Cultivation (YLC) programs

3. Original Performance Indicators

Support World-Class,
Cutting-Edge Research

Increase Presence through Active Dissemination of the University Information

  • Increase the number of keynote speakers at international conferences (289 → 500)

Joint Degree Programs
with Top Universities Abroad

  • Establish Joint Degree Programs(0 → 20)

Train and educate
future global leaders

Support international opportunities for Japanese students

  • Increase the number of students studying abroad through NU-OTI (123 → 1,000)

Be the hub for a network
of Asian universities

  • Increase the number of core national human resources (177 → 280)

4. Other

Availability of Educational Information

Provide more information to international students

  • Expand the English- and Chinese-versions of the official university website