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Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

NAIST Global3 : Cultivating Global Leaders through
Global Standard Graduate Education on a Global Campus


NAIST Global3 is the motto for the establishment of a multidisciplinary and integrative model for graduate education and its fostering of globally competent professionals who will lead tomorrow's science and technology.

〈 NAIST Global3 Aims 〉

Restructuring academic programs to cultivate globally competent professionals

Redefining graduate education based on world-leading research

Realizing a global campus to encompass and support diverse faculty, staff, and students

〈 NAIST Global3 Characteristics 〉

Developing globally-competent, professionally-skilled graduates

Promoting educational reform to respond to future global and societal demands

Strengthening organizational structure for governance reform

2023 Goals

Striving for global excellence in advanced science and technology graduate education

1. Internationalization

Through the efforts of our diverse faculty, staff, and students, NAIST's community will further expand our global campus activities.

  • Welcoming international students, who comprise 30% of all student body

  • Providing comprehensive academic and daily life support for international students and scholars

2. Education

Our academic programs will nurture talented globally-focused professionals who are active at various forefronts achieving tomorrow's scientific discoveries and technological innovations.

  • Achieving a single multidisciplinary and integrative graduate school system

  • Promoting global education in areas including study-abroad, international workshops, overseas laboratory stays, and research internships

3. Research

Cutting-edge and innovative research is the driving force of our academic programs and activities.

  • Utilizing NAIST International Offices and Collaborative Laboratories to orchestrate research around the globe

  • Expanding and strengthening alumni networks and activities to increase educational and research opportunities and successfully manage international collaboration