Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

Universite Toulouse Ⅲ-Paul Sabatier (France) visited to NAIST(2023/4/10)

April 27, 2023

 On April 10, 2023, Prof. Jean-Marc Broto (President of Universite Toulouse Ⅲ-Paul Sabatier (UT3-PS)), Prof. Fabrice Gamboa (Vice President for international affairs, UT3-PS), and Dr. Azzedine Bousseksou (Director of the Laboratory of Coordination Chemistry, CNRS) visited NAIST.

 At the courtesy visit, Dr. Kazuhiro Shiozaki (President), Dr. Jun Ohta (Vice President for international affairs), Prof. Tsuyoshi Kawai, Prof. Gwenael Rapenne, and Mr. Robert King (UEA, Center for International Students and Scholars) welcomed the delegation.

 After greetings and introductions of NAIST's research and education activities, they exchanged their opinions on the importance of integrated research with human sciences and discussed the current trend of collaboration research with industry.

 This was followed with a signing ceremony for an agreement to establish a Collaborative Laboratory at UT3-PS to foster excellent scientists and technicians and to promote research exchange, and a Cooperation Agreement of Double Degree Programs which was extended to all divisions this time.

 After the courtesy visit, the delegation visited to Human Robotics Laboratory (Prof. Takahiro Wada, Information Science), where they learned about research concerning human and robot interfacing so that they can collaborate comfortably and then experienced actual robot operation.

 Next, they visited the Digital Green Innovation Center (Biological Science Complex) and Prof. Yasumasa Bessho and Prof. Taku Demura gave an overview of the center. In the laboratory tour, they experienced how to observe zebra fish and how plants emit light in dark places.

 Finally, the delegation visited the Nanomaterials and Polymer Chemistry Laboratory (Prof. Hiroharu Ajiro, Materials Science). The location and devices for composing polymer materials were introduced, and they were able to view observe a thermal characteristic analysis device and a device for measuring mechanical strength. After this, they talked with a student who are currently studying in the double degree program of NAIST and UT3-PS.

 Many researchers and students have travelled between NAIST and UT3-PS since 2012 when the first academic exchange agreement was concluded, and therefore, both institutions agreed to expand the agreement from only materials science to all divisions upon this renewal.

 It is expected that this visit will further stimulate educational and research collaboration between our institutions.