Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

Kasetsart University Faculty of Engineering at Sriracha Campus (Thailand) Delegation Visit (2023/8/21)

August 24, 2023

 On Monday, August 21, Associate Prof. Sathaporn Chuepeng (Dean of Faculty of Engineering), Associate Prof. Nattapon Chantarpanich (Vice Dean for Research), Associate Prof. Jakkarin Klunngien (Vice Dean for Students), Dr. Prasitthichai Naronglerdrit (Lecturer), all from Kasetsart University Faculty of Engineering at Sriracha Campus, and Associate Prof. Pattara Leelaprute (Kasetsart University Faculty of Engineering, Bangkok Campus) visited NAIST. NAIST has a long history of education and research collaboration with Kasetsart University, which is also home to our NAIST Thailand Office in the Bangkok Campus, but this is the first time for a delegation from the Sriracha Campus to visit our campus.

 At the courtesy visit, Prof. Jun Ohta (Vice President for International affairs), Prof. Keiichi Yasumoto (Dean of Graduate School of Science and Technology), Prof. Kenichi Matsumoto (Thailand Office Director), Prof. Minoru Okada, and Mr. Robert King (UEA, Center for International Students and Scholars) welcomed the delegation.

 After Greetings, Mr. King gave a presentation to introduce NAIST and its recent developments. During the following Q&A session, they exchanged opinions on the potential for developing social sciences with the integration of liberal arts and the importance of collaboration with industry. It was also confirmed that both universities intend to further strengthen collaboration through short-term internships and other measures with the Sriracha Campus.

 After the courtesy visit, the delegation visited the Social Computing Laboratory (Prof. Eiji Aramaki, Information Science), where they were briefed on the laboratory's study to identify the peak of hay fever season using social media such as Twitter. Next, at the Imaging-based Computational Biomedicine Laboratory (Prof. Yoshinobu Sato, Information Science), they learned about muscle and bone analysis technology that combines images used in the medical field and deep learning based on the vast amount of data stored in computers. Finally, they visited the Network Systems Laboratory (Prof. Minoru Okada, Information Science), viewing electric vehicle technology that allows charging while driving on the road and the laboratory's own server room, and this was followed by presentations on high-frequency and wireless technologies. In all the laboratories, there were enthusiastic question-and-answer sessions regarding the acceptance of international students for internships and the technical and knowledge requirements prior to admission.

 It is expected that this visit will further stimulate educational and research collaboration between our institutions.

Laboratory tour

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