Okayama University

PRIME program:
producing practical-oriented human resources in a global community


Okayama University is now implementing PRIME (PRactical Interactive Mode for Education) program as a core part of our project, which is a university-wide education system based on international and social collaboration. In this program, students will not only be able to acquire three core powers (liberal arts strength, linguistic ability and specialized knowledge), but also be given opportunities to utilize the powers in the global fields through experiences in three faces (inter-discipline, inter-society and inter-culture). As a result, students will be able to cultivate conversational abilities, creativities, abilities to take actions, leadership and decisiveness, and acquire abilities to make proper decisions in actual fields abilities called the global practical wisdom.
  Furthermore, students and university staff will acquire high level abilities and launch into the world, while we will receive excellent students, teachers and researchers from all over the world to evolve Okayama University into a university disseminating outcomes of creative knowledge and fruits of technologies to the world.


Target for Year 2023

Setting up the Discovery
Program for Global Learners

Expansion of the Global Human Resource Development: Student quota increased to 150 which is three times as high as that of the year 2013

Receiving international students: The numerical target is three times as high as that of the year 2013

Japanese students having studied abroad: The numerical target is 4.4 times as high as that of the year 2013

All students having cross-cultural experiences

Faculties who have foreign nationalities, hold degrees of foreign universities or have research experiences over one year in foreign countries: The numerical target is 2.2 times as high as that of the year 2013

Full introduction of the Numbering Code System and translating syllabus into English

Introduction of 60-minutes and the four-term system in whole university

Producing 2,700 students as "highly practical-oriented human resources"