Okayama University

Six National Universities in Japan Academic Seminar Held in Indonesia

March 20, 2019

8476_image_1.jpgOn March 4 and 5, 2019, Okayama University held an Academic Seminar in two cities in Indonesia, in collaboration with the Consortium of Six National Universities in Japan (SixERS) to convey the benefits of studying at universities in Japan.

The seminar was held to encourage local students to study in Japan as part of the "Study in Japan Global Network Project," with which Okayama University was entrusted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. The seminar was held at Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology on March 4, and at University of Indonesia on March 5.

After the opening speech by Kazuki Takashima, Vice-President for International Affairs of Kumamoto University, faculty members of SixERS explained a wide range of research fields and provided individual consultation. This useful program was well attended by local university students, totaling approximately 300 people over the two days. The local students listened attentively to the reports of research projects delivered by the faulty members and asked questions enthusiastically. They all seemed to have a keen interest in studying in Japan.

In Indonesia, which has a population of over 200 million, it is estimated that an increasing number of people will come to study in Japan. Okayama University will promote this project that encourages local students to study in Japan by providing this seminar to convey the advantage of studying at universities in Japan, in collaboration with the SixERS and local universities.

Seminar lecturers (Field)
Niigata University: Professor Hiroshi Okawa (Dentistry)
Kanazawa University: Professor Takahiro Kamiya (Paleobiology)
Nagasaki University: Associate Professor Hironori Hamasaki (Environmental policy/ Water management policy)
Kumamoto University: Professor Quitain Armando Tibigin (Chemical Engineering)
Okayama University: Professor Kazuhiko Demura (Interdisciplinary Studies/ Philosophy)
Okayama University: Professor Yoshiyuki Murata, Director of Center for Global Partnerships and Education
Okayama University (OJEIC): Asami Torigoe, Study in Japan Coordinator (Study in Japan briefing sessions)

* Study in Japan Global Network Project
Since September 2014, Okayama University has addressed the Study in Japan Coordinator Project (Myanmar). The initiative became the Study in Japan Global Network Project in April 2018, expanding its target to the entire ASEAN region. The university established OJEIC in Yangon to implement programs to encourage local students to study in Japan


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