Okayama University

Briefing session on admission to the Discovery Program for Global Learners takes place

June 19, 2019

8594_image_1.jpgOn June 16, a briefing session on admission to the Discovery Program for Global Learners was held at the Okayama University 50th Anniversary Hall. The event attracted approximately 150 visitors, including high school students, their parents and high school teachers from Okayama and all over Japan.

The session consisted of two parts. The first part started with an opening address by Program Director NAKATANI Ayami, followed by a briefing on the program's unique curriculum and admission screening method, introduction of teachers, and demonstration lectures in English. Two students from Japan studying under this program introduced their campus life, referring to their learning schedules and how they interact with international students, so participants could deepen their understanding of the program.

8594_image_2.jpgTeachers and over ten program students, including international students, took part in the second part, which included individual consultation sessions and an exchange meeting. Visitors asked many questions about the curriculum, entrance exam and campus life, among other topics.

The Discovery Program for Global Learners is a new educational program launched in October 2017. International students from all over the world, Japanese students who studied abroad, and students who graduated from domestic high schools share diverse cultures and experiences and study various fields every day. By having students design and study their own learning programs across the borders of faculties and departments, the program aims at developing global talent.