Okayama University

SDGs Ambassadors interact with Ritsumeikan University and Shibaura Institute of Technology students

March 09, 2020

9402_image_2.jpg9402_image_1.jpgMs. OHNO Sakura (Faculty of Science, sophomore) and Ms. MIYAMOTO Ayuha (Faculty of Law, sophomore) of the Okayama University's SDGs Ambassadors attended the "xChannel", 2019 SDGs subsidy recipient achievement report meeting held at Ritsumeikan University Biwako Kusatsu Campus on February 27.

At the debriefing session, three groups named Ritsumeikan University Sustainable Week Executive Committee, TaBiwa+R, Ritsumeikan University COMARS that received subsidies at Ritsumeikan University, reported their activities. Then, the Shibaura Institute of Technology SDGs Student Committee-"Ayaito" and the Okayama University's SDGs Ambassadors had the public talk. The Okayama University's SDGs Ambassadors introduced their activities and had a frank exchange of opinions.

9402_image_3.jpgOn the 28th, students of Ritsumeikan University, Shibaura Institute of Technology and Okayama University were exchanged information more deeply about their activities of SDGs and problems. The Okayama University's SDGs Ambassadors acquired meaningful knowledges for their future activities. After the exchange of opinions, Ritsumeikan University students guided the campus explaining the implementation status of Ritsumeikan University Sustainable Week and daily activities. Finally, students promised their exchanges and reunions in the future.