Okayama University

Members of "Kagayake! Era Genkikai" Donate 1 Ton of Rice to Students

June 18, 2020

9485_image_1.jpgOn the 16th of June, members of "Kagayake! Era Genkikai" (Community Organization), based in Okayama Prefecture's rural Era Village (in Yakage, Nakagawa district), donated 1 ton of rice to students who might be struggling to meet their daily needs as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

Since 2012, Okayama University has partnered with organizations in the Yakage area, allowing international students to take part in rice planting experiences, local festivals, and homestays. In July 2018, Okayama students volunteered to help residents affected by heavy rain and flooding.

9485_image_2.jpgAccording to the "Kagayake! Era Genkikai", the donation was made in order to show their appreciation to Okayama University and to help students who might be struggling financially. The contribution is not only from residents of Era Village, but from residents of Hanashi Village, Shimokouzue Village, and Yamanoue Village as well.

After opening the presentation ceremony, "Kagayake! Era Genkikai" representative TSUBOI Masaru officially presented the rice to Okayama University President MAKINO Hirofumi. President Makino expressed his gratitude, stating that, "we are extremely grateful for this show of support from Yakage. Through the continued partnership between Okayama University and Yakage, we hope to build a sustainable society together. Thank you for your considerate support".

At the end of the ceremony, "Kagayake! Era Genkikai" members distributed the rice to about

130 international students.