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Okayama University Faculty of Engineering conducts online exchange session with students in Taiwan and Singapore

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March 11, 2021

On March 2, 26 students from Okayama University's Faculty of Engineering participated in an online international exchange session with engineering students from Taiwan and Singapore. The online event was held in lieu of the overseas short-term training program "Dive Into Global societ"y (DIG), which is usually held annually by the Faculty of Engineering but had to be suspended this year as a result of the global pandemic. The session focused on encouraging a global perspective while also giving students the opportunity to communicate in English.

In preparation for the international exchange session, Okayama University's engineering students took part in a 2-day workshop on February 15 and 16 to practice basic skills needed for English communication, including presentation skills and discussion skills. The workshop was organized in collaboration with L-Café, and it is the 3rd time that such a workshop has taken place. Students noted that the workshop helped them feel more comfortable when communicating and also that it helped them to express themselves more accurately and more confidently when speaking English. After the workshop, students were encouraged to keep self-studying in order to further improve their English skills.

The online session was divided into two parts. In the first half, Okayama University students participated in a research seminar with students from Chang Gung University in Taiwan. After introducing themselves in English, 8 faculty members lectured on the latest research related to automated vehicle safety technology. The lectures were followed by a question-and-answer session, wherein Okayama University students had the opportunity to show off their language training by actively taking part in the discussion in English.

In the second half of the session, Okayama University students participated in group work with students from the National University of Singapore. Students were divided into groups of 4, with 2 students representing Okayama University and 2 students representing the National University of Singapore, to discuss cultural differences as well as their respective country's approach to the SDGs. Okayama University students learned that the two countries face very different environmental and sustainability issues, and actively exchanged opinions with students from Singapore regarding the country's struggle to secure sustainable water resources and to manage land efficiently. After the session, about 70% of the Okayama University students who participated noted that they were pleased with their level of English communication, and many noted that they felt the event was an effective way to gain an international education, despite taking place online.


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