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Okayama University Integrated Report Forum 2021 - HAVE A DREAM: Together Create and Nurture a Bright Future



December 20, 2021

On December 11, Okayama University held the Integrated Report Forum 2021 at the 50th Anniversary Hall to mark the release of the university's third integrated report. Although attendance at the venue was restricted to Okayama University students and personnel in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the forum was broadcast live online, allowing a total of 180 people to participate in the event, including Okayama University alumni, officials from other universities, and entrepreneurs, high school students and residents from the local community.

The event opened with a greeting by Assistant Director-General for International Affairs HORIO Taka from Office of the Director-General for International Affairs at MEXT, who explained that in our current society, where unpredictable situations such as the coronavirus and natural disasters occur, "it is important to acquire knowledge and skills that can help us prepare for whatever may happen in the future, and universities are among the few places that allow people to do that." Afterwards, Okayama University President MAKINO Hirofumi elaborated on the university's action plan in response to the pandemic and also introduced the plans and goals set as part of Okayama University Vision 3.0 (name of the fourth mid-term target period starting in FY2022) and Okayama University Long-Term Vision 2050.

Then, Okayama University Alumni Association President KONAGA Keiichi encouraged students and Okayama University personnel and outlined his expectations for the establishment of university-backed start-up businesses, followed by a financial report by Senior Vice President for Social Cooperation KAGA Masaru.

The event also featured a panel discussion based on the forum theme. This time, the panel was composed of youngsters with a connection to Okayama University, representing the next generation responsible for shaping the future. The panel discussion was moderated by Senior Vice President for Global Engagement Strategy YOKOI Atsufumi, and panelists included TERASHIMA Miyu (second year, Faculty of Medicine), DEGUCHI Anna (third year, Faculty of Letters), CEO of ABABA Co., Ltd. and Okayama University graduate student KUBO Shunki, and Okayama University research student David Anderson (Mr. Anderson was also a participant in the first US Department of State Critical Language Scholarship program at Okayama University). During the discussion, Ms. Deguchi noted that, in order to "create and nurture a bright future", she felt that it was important "not to use the pandemic as an excuse for inaction, but rather to realistically consider what can be done and make an effort to do it." After a lively exchange of opinions by the respective panelists, Assistant Director-General for International Affairs Horio also weighed in with her opinion.

Executive Director for Planning and General Affairs and Director of the IR/IE Office TAKAHASHI Kayo concluded the event by saying, "We will carefully consider each of the opinions expressed today and determine how to incorporate them into our plans for the upcoming year."

○A video of the 2021 forum will be uploaded to our archive soon

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