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Okayama University Signs Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with Maniwa City


Industry-Academia Collaboration


April 28, 2022

On April 27, Okayama University signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement with Maniwa City to work towards the fulfillment of the SDGs, pledging to create a base for education and research related to forestry, timber, and wooden architecture, and to promote human resource development and regional revitalization.

Both Maniwa City Mayor OHTA Noboru and Okayama University President MAKINO Hirofumi are representatives of a research committee (established on July 2, 2020) that is dedicated to facilitating the development of an integrated cooperation zone that will serve as a base for education and research related to forestry, timber, and wooden architecture.

Mayor Ohta and President Makino have been working together with architect and Okayama University Special Visiting Professor KUMA Kengo, the president of Okayama Prefectural University, the president of Okayama University of Science, as well as various government agencies and companies in Okayama Prefecture, including the Forestry Agency and the Development Bank of Japan and Meiken Lamwood Corporation, Shimizu Corporation, and Daiken Corporation to create the integrated cooperation zone.

President Makino and Mayor Ohta shook hands firmly upon signing the agreement at the signing ceremony, which was held on the same day. President Makino said, "By taking advantage of the rich history, culture, and natural resources of Maniwa City, a designated SDGs Future City, not only will this research and education base help realize a carbon-neutral society and help establish a regional circular and ecological sphere, but it will also be a pioneering initiative that contributes to the SDGs and creates new value, linking Okayama to the world". Mayor Ohta commented, "I hope that the conclusion of this agreement will further promote academic research and studies related to forestry, timber, and wooden architecture, accelerate the development of and the interest in educational and research centers, and advance human resource development and cooperation with other related organizations.


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