Osaka University


A World-Leading Innovative University

Outline of Osaka University’s Initiatives

Osaka University will develop outstanding talents who will lead “innovation through co-creation” by working in cooperation with society and people with different knowledge, skills, experience, and standpoints by pursuing high-level academic studies to master the essence of scholarship while carrying out active “integration of knowledge” that crosses over fields of study. This will enable the university to:

1) Find solutions to global-scale social problems stemming from complex relationships among many different factors;
2) Promote the development of advanced science and technology; and
3) Nurture leaders of global society, top-level researchers, and high-caliber engineering professionals with the ability to make a meaningful contribution to the wellbeing of society.

Osaka University is determined to work with civil societies around the world and a variety of stakeholders to co-create innovative knowledge through orchestration of a diverse range of knowledge, and to serve as a driving force to bring dreams and innovations to the world more widely than ever, thereby evolving into a world-leading innovative university that can meet the expectations of a global society.

Goals to be achieved by 2023


Starting AO (Admission Office) and recommendation examinations (World Tekijuku Entrance Examination) on a university-wide basis from the AY2017 entrance examination


Introducing a new academic calendar (four-term system) in April 2017


Starting the Multilingual Expert Program in AY2015


Increasing the proportion of Osaka University students studying abroad to 8%


Establishing Osaka University ASEAN campuses


Opening the Global Village


Developing OU Global Campus