Ritsumeikan University

Human Development to Collaborate Across Cultures
and Contribute Globally to Asian Communities


Ritsumeikan University, amid rapid globalization, aims to solve various issues in Asia and nurture human resources who can contribute globally and sustainably to Asian communities.

Strategies for Internationalization

− Three Beyond Borders −

We will enhance quality of education and research and international competitiveness by promoting “Three Beyond Boarders”.

Education and Learning
"Beyond Borders"

  • Creation of Double Undergraduate Degree Program with the Australian National University
  • Creation of Joint Undergraduate Degree Program with American University
  • Expansion of multi-cultural projects by both Japanese and international students, increase of the subjects and courses taught in English, and enhancement of Japanese language education for international students

Student Activities
"Beyond Borders"

  • Offering and promoting international matches and tournaments
  • Global interaction through academic, art and culture, and sports activities
  • Global Human Development Programs that enable students to improve attributes and skills required in global society by learning in a multinational team

Research and Faculty
"Beyond Borders"

  • Globalization of research based on research institutions and centers such as the Ritsumeikan Asia- Japan Research Center and industry-academia-government collaboration
  • Increase in the number of international faculty, and Japanese faculty that hold a degree from abroad
  • Establishment of the Global Asia Village

Target for Year 2023

These key numbers below show Ritsumeikan in 2023.

We will increase the number of full-time international faculty, and Japanese faculty who hold a degree from abroad from 363 to 630.

We will offer various study abroad programs in order to increase the number of students who study abroad from 1,555 to 3,200.

We will increase the number of overseas offices from 3 to 7, and expand our global network.

We will increase the number of international students from 2,242 to 4,500 annually, and enhance international exchange on the campuses.

We will offer more than 100 international internships and PBL programs. ※PBL (Problem Based Learning, Project Based Learning)

We will increase the number of Japanese and international students who live in the international dormitories from 15 to 200, and from 160 to 1,100 respectively.

We will enhance Global Club Activities and increase the number of organizations from 16 to 30.

We will increase the number of students who participate in international programs from 699 to 1,800.

※As of AY 2013