Ritsumeikan University

Collaboration between the UK and Japan in Higher Education and Business Sectors

September 04, 2017

Research and Education Network for Knowledge Economy Initiatives (RENKEI), a new platform for a partnership between the UK and Japan was launched four years ago in order to execute on the innovative strategies in higher education and industry. RENKEI means "collaboration" in Japanese.

From June 24 to 28, 2017, RENKEI workshop was staged at Ritsumeikan University Kinugasa Campus co-hosted by University of Southampton and Ritsumeikan University, attended by about 50 people including researchers from RENKEI member universities in the UK and Japan.

Since its start, RENKEI has had two workshops per year, organized by the member universities in turn. This is the first RENKEI workshop in AY2017 which aims to assemble an expert network representing creative digital business and cultural heritage researchers to support digital business and museology in Japan.

This 5-day workshop consists of conference and public lectures, excursion to some heritage sites in Kyoto city, presentations on cultural heritages, Thinkathon, and feedback session.


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