Ritsumeikan University

Ritsumeikan University Welcomes Group from Shanxi Normal University, China for Short-Term Program

July 09, 2018

From Wednesday, May 30, 2018 until Friday, June 8, 2018, the Ritsumeikan University International Center at OIC held a short-term education program at the Osaka Ibaraki Campus (OIC) for 30 students and 5 instructors from Shanxi Normal University in China.

Starting in 2011, each year Shanxi Normal University sends a group of 20-30 high-achieving students abroad in order to learn about and experience advanced educational systems. This year, which is also the 60th anniversary of the university's founding, the program took place at Ritsumeikan University.

OIC has hosted a short-term business program in the summer and in the winter each year since the campus opened in 2015, but this education program was a new customized program meant for students wishing to become teachers in China in the future. The program included lectures about education, visits to Ritsumeikan Elementary School and Ritsumeikan Junior and Senior High School, company visits, and a cultural experience. One defining aspect of the program was the many opportunities for the international students to interact with Ritsumeikan student buddies. The program participants also stayed in OIC International House, which was completed in March 2018 and features 6-person living units, another point that distinguished this program from previous programs.


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