Sophia University

Creating a Global Campus with Multiple Hub Functions and Supportive Governance


The purpose of this Program is to provide — through the creation of a global campus with multiple hub functions and the establishment of supportive governance with a spirit of education springing from the Christian spirit passed down to Sophia University from Saint Francis Xavier — pioneering global education transcending the framework of nationality to develop human resources that can boldly take on global issues, and to create the environment that can make this possible. The pillars of this Program are three: 1) Creating “Sophia — Bringing the World Together”; 2) Building a Global Campus; and 3) Governance Reforms to Achieve a Level of World Recognition in Education and Research.

Creating "Sophia — Bringing the World Together"

We will work toward: 1) meeting individual student's needs in our education and establishing networks as a Catholic university; 2) systematizing and implementing global liberal arts education and its organic fusion with specialized education; and 3) equipping graduate schools to attract students internationally and establishing new research bases in order to expand and enhance distinctive education and research activities that can contribute to both an understanding of the rapid changes in human society and the resolution of the issues arising therefrom.

Building a Global Campus

We will: 1) Promote the mobility of students and faculty and staff members; 2) secure diversity in the members of the Sophia family and campus culture; and 3) work to strengthen collaborative frameworks with overseas universities, graduate schools, international organizations, and industry.
By taking advantage of the merits of a metropolitan university, we will position ourselves as an international academic platform and make Sophia University a "connecting hub" that serves as a base for circulating the global human resources active in the world today.

Governance Reforms to Achieve a Level of World Recognition

We will focus on: 1) establishing a system combining both originality and universality as a university achieving world recognition; 2) pursuing flexible system design and management as a "small comprehensive university," 3) introducing cutting-edge initiatives, including in our own personnel performance assessments and in the composition of the faculty and staff members. By so doing, we will launch an education system that can support the construction of a global campus and both accelerate and raise the sophistication of the decision-making processes for educational policies and university management in response to today's dynamically evolving global society.

Target for Year 2023

These 6 numbers below show Sophia University in 2023.


We will increase the number of overseas partner institutions from 169 (as of 2013) to 412.


We will provide an educational environment where over 2,000 students, or the equivalent of over 70% of all undergraduate students, are able to join overseas study programs.


We will increase the number of international students to around 3,000, which is equivalent to over 20% of the entire student body.


We will increase the ratio of faculty members of foreign nationalities or with a degree from overseas universities to 57%.


We will offer around 20% of undergraduate courses in a foreign language.


We will increase the number of overseas designated high schools to 50 and accept international students from various countries and regions.