Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Concept for cultivating human resources that can promote TMDU-type global health
Taking on the challenge of improving health levels on a global scale

Project Overview

〈 Objectives 〉

TMDU aims to develop future leaders for global health promotion who will, based on achievements and strengths in public health, lead Japan to contributing toward improving health status across the globe.

〈 Goals 〉

Create Asian base for global health leader promotion / research

Provide innovative solutions through research with emphasis on global health delivery

Establish domestic and international partnerships with institutions promoting global health

〈 Initiatives Overview 〉

Strengthen governance structures and reform education and learning management,

Implement overall educational reforms including: the recruitment of new students, entrance examinations, and bachelor (general and specialized), master's, and doctoral programs,

Expand and enlarge TMDU's overseas educational and research partner bases, and carry out proactive education and research that leverages them.

Goals by 2023


Undergraduate Increase number of graduates
with overseas experience


Undergraduate Increase membership in Health
Sciences Leadership Program (HSLP)


Undergraduate Create multifaceted entrant
selection methods


Undergraduate Implement flipped classroom style /
Expand small-group learning environment


Undergraduate / Graduate Enrich design-thinking


Undergraduate / Graduate Expand global health
related courses


Graduate Increase percentage of international
graduate students to 25%


Graduate Offer a Graduate-School Health
Sciences Leadership
Program (G-HSLP)


Graduate Develop Joint
Degree Programs
(Chile, Thai)


Graduate Enhance coursework /
Make 60% of all subjects in English


Graduate Create and expand our overseas
alumni community


World's Best Small
Universities 2016

In 2016 ranked 1st place in Japan, 12th place in the world / Aiming for within top 100 in the World University Ranking