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Tohoku University's Global Initiative
Investing in knowledge as a world-class university
― Pursuing international excellence in education and research ―


Tohoku University, with its tradition of exceptional expertise, will continue to provide a rich learning environment where brilliant young minds from across Japan and the world can "gather, learn and create". For the youth of today, living in this global age, Tohoku University is determined to accelerate its plans to build an "educational foundation for fostering global leaders" which will develop and nurture individuals who are capable, resourceful, and who possess a global mindset.
Therefore, building on this foundation, Tohoku University will collaborate closely with the world's leading universities in education and research to create seven International Joint Graduate School Programs, both in the research fields in which Tohoku University is strong and in important disciplines on which we wish now to increase our attention.
Through these programs we will develop individuals with world-class research capabilities and a broad perspective, who possess global experience and a global mindset, who are ready to create new knowledge and to be innovative, and who are ready to challenge today's global issues.
Furthermore, through making a coordinated effort to strengthen our research capabilities in initiatives such as the "Tohoku Forum for Creativity", we will construct an advanced research and education cluster that forms an "International Fellowship of Knowledge" with Tohoku University at its center.

Landmarks to be achieved by 2023


To expand Tohoku University's Global Leader Program (TGL Program)


To enhance the short-term study abroad programs (SAP)


To expand the number of English-language degree courses offered through the Future Global Leadership Program (FGL Program)


To establish seven International Joint Graduate Programs


To employ Course Numbering and a Grade Point Average system


To adopt the International Baccalaureate examination and a global entrance examination


To increase the proportion of Japanese students enjoying exchange experiences to 8.1%


To double the capacity of the University House dormitories where students from overseas and Japan live together


To increase of the number of double degree and joint education programs to 25