Toyo University

A team of TOYO students is the winner of "The FUSO Case Challenge 2020"

December 07, 2020


Congratulations to Toyo University students for winning the Mitsubishi FUSO Case Challenge 2020!

Team Toyo and Associate Professor René Carraz became the 1st Place Winners for the second year in a row. After months of preparation, Damar Masato (INIAD, 4), Trinh Doan (GINOS, 4), Pichamon Lertsakuncharoen (INIAD, 4), and Uyakhan-Egshig Molomjamts (GINOS, 2) presented their idea of installing solar panels on top of Fuso trucks, while implementing a peer-to-peer energy trading system using blockchain technology to deliver the energy created. Their project is called 'Future Charge', and it has a lot of potentials.

During the time of COVID-19, the team was able to coordinate, consult, and collaborate fully online during the preparation period and the competition. The Team of four different nationalities with four unique talents and perspectives bonded together through their passion for creativity and a sustainable future.

Congratulations once again to the winners and their mentor Prof. Carraz, and best of luck after graduation for the senior members of the team!

Comment from Associate Professor René Carraz

The joy of participating in a competition lies in the effort, not in the attainment, of course winning is a plus! I was very lucky to coach two talentful teams in the last two years who won the Fuso case challenge, a business plan competition. I am very proud as GINOS and INIAD are relatively new Departments, we are like a start-up. We need to demonstrate the merit of our programs that focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, and multiculturalism. This win is a small step in that direction.

This year the challenge proposed was to come up with a new idea on how Fuso could further contribute to a sustainable future. I know that most of our students are very much concerned about sustainability. When 'Team Toyo' asked me to coach them, and after reading their first draft, I was very eager to help them reach their goal and to teach them some 'tricks' for the competition. I lecture entrepreneurship here at Toyo, I have some experience organizing creative workshops, and sitting as a jury during business competitions and hackathons. I thought I could help. This year's competition and preparation was 100% online, it created challenges and opportunities. Anyway, they did most of the work, I am just happy that they could develop an amazing solution, 'Future Charge', winning was the icing on the organic cake. There's an old proverb in French that says "never two without three"... looking forward to next year's opportunities.