University of Tsukuba

Creating a Transborder University for a Brighter Future

Overview of the Project

The university aims to create a global education and research environment by transcending national, institutional, and all other barriers.
To realize this, the "Campus-in-Campus" concept enhances greatly our university's founding philosophy of a "university open to all" to a "Transborder University which opens up Japanese higher education and society to the world".

〈 Our Objectives 〉

  • To give students, faculty and staff members greater opportunity to explore their full potential by exponentially enhancing mobility and breaking all barriers that stand between nations and institutions.
  • To enable faculty and students to engage in research and education that take advantage of all available global resources by transcending all barriers that stand between nations and institutions.

〈 Campus-in-Campus 〉

Sharing of resources with partner universities and institutions from all over the world, and thereby realizing unfettered mobility of students, faculty and staff members in a global education and research environment.

〈 Developing and managing the “Course Jukebox” system (launched in March 2016) 〉

The University of Tsukuba and its Campus-in-Campus partner universities put their shared courses into the system, and students at partner universities can take these courses as if the courses are from their own university.

〈 Other Initiatives 〉

Promoting study abroad by providing university-owned scholarship programs such as the HABATAKE! Program

Providing various opportunities to improve foreign language proficiency

Safety issues and crisis management

Building a global shared housing environment for local and international students to interact more in daily life (500-room Global Residence)

Extra-curricular programs for interaction with international students

Collaboration with external local institutions such as research institutes located in Tsukuba Science City, K-12 schools attached to the university, Super Global High Schools, Global Colleges of Technology, International Baccalaureate Schools, etc.

Raising international reputation

QS World University Rankings
[as of February 2019]

  • Overall rank: 11th in Japan and 260th in the world
  • Under-50 universities: 1st in Japan and 24th in the world
  • In the Natural Sciences: 10th in Japan and 153th in the world
  • In the Sports-related Subjects: 1st in Japan and 25th in the world
  • Library & Information Management: 2nd in Japan and 37th in the world

Times Higher Education
Most Internationalized Universities Rankings
[as of February 2019]

  • 3rd in Japan and 165th in the world

Internationalization of administrative staff members by Global Staff Development Office

University of Tsukuba in 2023

Projecting how the University of Tsukuba will be in 2023


Campus-in-Campus agreements with 13 overseas partner universities


1,000 courses in the Course Jukebox


Increasing the number of Japanese students studying abroad through exchange programs from 467* to 2,100 per year


Increasing the number of international students from 3,365* to 5,200


Increasing the number of English-taught degree programs from 39* to 68


Increasing the number of courses conducted in foreign languages (including English) from 2,577* to 3,540


Increasing the ratio of international and Japanese faculty members who obtained their degrees overseas from 24.9%* to 52.2%


Increasing the ratio of female faculty members from 16.4%* to 25.3%

*as of FY 2018