Toyohashi University of Technology

Realizing the vision of a 'Multicultural Global Campus' -
Producing engineers to lead the new global age

Objective of the Top Global University Project

The mission of Toyohashi University of Technology is to conduct education and research of technological science (scholarship for the development of new technology with technology backed by science), and its philosophy is the nurturing of practical and creative leading engineers who have a well-rounded sense of humanity and a global view in addition to willingness to coexist with nature, as well as the researching of ultramodern and pioneering technology that will kick start the next generation. Based on the above mission and philosophy, the university is implementing the following distinct missions with the objective of developing human resources who will "master technology and create technology" in a global society.

Based on the education and research skills we have developed since the opening of this university, we will transform ourselves into a university that will achieve a 'Multicultural Global Campus' plugged into the world. We will also implement the groundbreaking globalization measures university-wide required to foster 'Global Technology Architects'.

Overview of the Top Global University Project

Toyohashi University of Technology - Top Global University Project:
Creative Campus for Nurturing "Global Technology Architects"

Starting a new course 'Global Technology Architects Course'
― Establishing the new global barrier free course ―

In this course, the students study in both English and Japanese (bilingual lectures) to obtain their B.A. and M.A. degrees. They belong to one of the university's five departments. The educational program includes learning/training at our overseas education base in Malaysia and overseas partner universities.

Establishment of a New Multicultural Boarding House
― Creating a multicultural environment on campus to spur university-wide globalization ―

Japanese and International students share a multicultural, bilingual (Japanese & English) environment which will strengthen their linguistic and communication skills. Construction of multiple shared apartment style buildings began in 2016. Once completed they will accommodate up to 180 people. Combined with the existing student apartments, a special zone will be set up such that around 800 people (about 40% of the total student body) of diverse cultures can eat, live, and learn together on-campus.

Strengthening and upgrading of global capability for all students, faculty and university staff
― Establishing a two-way global connection, facilitating a borderless interaction of students, faculty members and university staff between Toyohashi Tech and the world ―

To achieve this connection we will make use of the unique resource of the university's overseas education base in Penang, Malaysia, as well as many partner schools overseas. We aim to construct a global educational / academic affairs system and to develop intercultural communication competence with students, faculty and university staff.

〈 Toyohashi Tech's 10-year Vision 〉
We aim to create:

A university of technology with a focus on graduate studies which recruits technical college students as well as outstanding talents from around the world and forges a new era in science and technology, as well as fostering high-level engineers who are active on the global stage.

A campus where a global perspective shared across the university creates a welcoming environment for international students, teachers and staff, and where a barrier-free environment in terms of language and culture permeates the entire university.