Toyohashi University of Technology

TUT Global House held "RecogNight: A social gathering with companies from the Toyohashi Iron Works Association"

November 09, 2018

TUT Global House presented an event "RecogNight: A social gathering with companies from the Toyohashi Iron Works Association", on October 25th.


"RecogNight" (original word: connected "Recognize" and "Night") is an event recognizing and discussing global viewpoints through exchange with local companies over a light meal.

Presidents and executives of five companies from the Toyohashi Iron Works Association, "HOUKOKU Co.,LTD", "MARUJYOU Co., Ltd.", "NOGUCHI, LTD", "TOPY INDUSTRIES, LIMITED", and "Tessin Co., Ltd.", and 36 students (both Japanese and international) interacted in both Japanese and English.


In the question and answer session, company representatives openly answered students' direct questions such as their global strategies, future vision. Students and company representatives then interacted together and shared their various experiences and exchanged ideas while enjoying refreshment in a friendly and productive atmosphere.
It was such a valuable experience for students to closely talk with company executives as well as to get to know Japanese companies and local business.


This is the third social gathering event since TUT Global House starting last year, and this time newly established "Global House Student Committee (GHSC)" organized it and named it as "RecogNight"