Toyohashi University of Technology

TUT Global House held a welcome event for Jit Sin high school students from Malaysia

December 21, 2018

TUT Global House hosted a welcome event for students from Jit Sin high school in Malaysia on Monday, December 17th.


Eleven students visited TUT via the "Toyohashi Study Tour", where overseas high school students experience Toyohashi and the university and were met by13 students living in the Global House who deepened exchanges through games and various activities.


At the event, the students were divided into four teams, introduced themselves and reduced the distance between each other with a ball carrying game and then worked together at the TUT quiz competition. After that, with the theme "Future Gadget", each team refined and developed their ideas. Various diverse ideas were exhibited in their presentations which were genuinely interesting and exciting.


The event was fun indeed, and it became also a good opportunity for high school students to get to know about university life and the Global House, likewise for Global House students it was an opportunity to enagage with various opinions and experience the management of an event.