Toyohashi University of Technology

Welcome Party 2019: TUT Global House has started a fresh new life!

April 24, 2019

TUT Global House held "Welcome Party 2019" on Saturday, April 6. The senior students hosted the party to welcome freshman students and foster friendship between students living together.

TUT Global House is a unique shared-house style of student accommodation where both international and Japanese students live together.


At the welcome party, there were activities such as a mingle time among residents, a fun game and various informative introductions. The most exciting one among them was the Marshmallow Challenge, a game that has participants building towers using pasta and competes for the greatest achieved height.

Students of different grades and nationalities divided into teams worked together to create the tower through trial and error. The distinctive towers, such as tall towers that maintain a delicate balance, towers with artistic shapes, etc. that were completed were then lined up, demonstrating that the students made creative use of their engineering knowledge and skills. Students remarked that tower balance was the greatest challenge to be overcome which led to a close and exciting battle between the teams.

The party provided a great opportunity to get to know each other and to start for a new academic year, as the seniors and juniors and the Japanese and international students who live in TUT Global House mix.



■ TUT Global House and GAC (Global Technology Architects Course)
TUT Global House is a unique shared house style student accommodation where Japanese and international students of GAC, the course specially designed for students who pursue global careers, live together. GAC students will reside in TUT Global House during undergraduate period and acquire global communication and interpersonal skills by reflecting the experience of global society. In this year, general course students with global aspirations also lived together in the TUT Global House.






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