Toyohashi University of Technology

TUT held TGU Symposium & HOUSE Meeting on November 8th

November 22, 2019

Symposium held at Toyohashi University of Technology on Friday, November 8th.


■Morning session: Top Global University Project (TGU) Symposium
"Toyohashi University of Technology's Challenge to Globalization"

■Afternoon sessions: 2019 HOUSE Meeting
(HOUSE: Housing Officers for University Student Education)


【Morning Session】
In a panel format, experts from the fields of education and economics discussed TUT's responses to the challenge of globalization. The panelists were also members of the external evaluation committee at the University's Top Global University project. Topics covered TUT's current situation, how to develop TUT's aims over its next development phase, the nurturing of global human resources, TUT's contribution to Japan's international competitiveness, and TUT's contribution to local communities.

The discussion was highly thought-provoking in both the content and manner, as it was made interactive with the use of apps to hear the opinions and questions from about 70 participants.




【Afternoon Sessions】
TUT hosted the third in a series of HOUSE Meetings (HOUSE: Housing Officers for University Student Education). The meeting was open to everybody involved in student accommodation. In 2017, TUT opened "TUT Global House", a shared-house style multicultural boarding house, where Japanese and international students live together in the same unit.

The meeting focused on the interests and concerns raised in the replies to the preliminary questionnaire sent to participants. About 90 participants posted questions and comments on the app used in the meeting in real time, which the panelists discussed. This made for a highly active and interactive occasion.

Session 1: Problems of RAs (resident assistants)
RAs and student staff from 5 universities operating mixed dormitories, educational dormitories, and international dormitories were invited as panelists, and faculty and staff were invited as advisors. They discussed each university's actual state of management and the issues they had experienced.






Session 2: Local activities and human resource development
We invited people from companies and organizations who had been part of the exchange meeting at TUT Global House as panelists to join, and discussed the expectations and issues for exchanges between the community and students in the units.




Participants toured TUT Global House at lunchtime, and there was time to network after the meeting.