The University of Aizu

Overview of the Project

Concept and Objective of the Project

What is the University of Aizu's proposal for the "Top Global University Project"?

In the "Top Global University Project", the University of Aizu aims at the nurture of innovative ICT talents to succeed on the world stage with the three-part concepts of "Spirit, Technology, and Adaptability".
Based on the original founding philosophy, "to Advance Knowledge for Humanity", the University has three features: advance ICT education and research, professional courses provided in English, and the development of venture spirit. To become a global university in science and engineering fields, the University will continue to further develop international education.
In this proposal, the University will create an environment to lead the global education as a pioneering university in ICT field with the global education of over 20 years.
For the achievement of the goals, the following three concepts "Sprit, Technology, and Adaptability" are considered as the basis of the proposal.

"Spirit (Entrepreneurship)": Nurture of entrepreneurship challenging to the world with ICT innovation

"Technology (Excellent Technical Capabilities)": Cultivation of strong competitive abilities to design, develop and utilize ICT

"Adaptability (Adaptation in Multi-cultural Environment)": Development of abilities to adapt, adjust, and integrate in a multicultural environment

Program Introduction


University of Aizu (UoA) has promoted globalization as a pioneering university since its establishment


First university dedicated to computer science and engineering


Cutting-edge Computer Environment: Solaris, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X & 24/7 Computer Spaces


UoA provides a broad knowledge of computer science and engineering from foundation to application


Comprehensive English Education:
・Ratio of international faculty members is approximately 40 percent
・Many courses are provided in English
・International and Japanese students attend specialized courses and humanities courses together


Students start taking specialized fundamental courses from their first year.
・Students can experience research projects at an early stage
・Problem-based Learning (PBL) is substantially provided to students.


Flexible Education Programs:
Japanese students: Early Admission and Transfer Admission
ICT Global Program All-English Undergraduate Course:General Selection regardless of nationality
International students can apply for the programs with various external exams


Fulfilling Support Programs for International student:
・Buddy Program - Academic and general assistance from Japanese students
・Resident Assistant Program - Daily life support in campus dormitory


High Employment Rate: 97% for undergraduate student, 100% for the graduate student
Many well-educated graduates play a significant role in various fields, which established "UoA Brand".


Aizu Geek Dojo

Campus Craft Center "Aizu Geek Dojo": Machine tools (3D printer and laser cutter) are installed for craftworks.


Overseas Internship ~Silicon Vallay Internship Program, Dailan Internship Program~


Challenger Badge System: The system evaluates students by providing the badges for achievements of extracurricular activities.


Many students are awarded in programming contests and Hackathon.
UoA has promoted education for students to acquire practical knowledge through competitions, etc.


Unique Talent Discovery Program: The program provides activities according to the students' interest and motivation in order to discover and develop their global and unique talents.


The number of venture companies launched from the University of Aizu is the largest among public universities in Japan.
UoA has proactively made efforts to nurture entrepreneurship of students and provided many extracurricular activities to encourage the students to start up business.