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Presentations on SDGs and Higher Education by UoA Faculty in an AFEO Webinar Series

May 27, 2022

On Thursday, March 3, 2022, two UoA faculty, Prof. ASANO Atsushi of the Office for Planning and Management and the Center for Globalization and Prof. NARUSE Keitaro of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering's Robot Engineering Cluster presented in a webinar hosted by the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisation (AFEO).

Prof. ASANO's presentation was entitled "SDG Initiatives of the University of Aizu and Japan" and Prof. NARUSE's was entitled "Cyber-Physical Systems of Fleet Robot Systems System Design and Integration" in this webinar.

Many participants actively asked questions about the SDGs and other initiatives in Japan and at our university. There was also a discussion of the development of international collaboration platforms like this.

The University of Aizu will continue to contribute to a sustainable society by deepening its partnerships with research universities, institutions, and companies in Japan and overseas.

The ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organization (AFEO) is a non-profit organization established in 1973 that promotes goodwill and mutual understanding between engineering organizations in ASEAN countries as well as the mobility of engineers, as well as establishes basic standards for the engineering profession.

By bringing engineers and researchers from ASEAN countries together to discuss issues related to education, energy, environment, mobility, disaster prevention, sustainable cities, transport, etc., AFEO aims to promote the activities of engineers in member countries and mutual development among them.

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- The ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organization (AFEO)

- Prof. Atsushi Asano

- Prof. Keitaro Naruse