The University of Tokyo

Top Global University Project

Constructing a Global Campus Model that represents cross-cultural values and diversity for Japan's leading research university.
Contribution to knowledge and values of a global society through research and education

〈 6 main features of the Global Campus Model at UTokyo 〉

Feature 1

World class-cutting edge research

Feature 2

Promoting comprehensive education reform in the era of the globalization

Feature 3

Enhance the contents and variety of English degree programs

Feature 4

Promoting diversity among faculty and administrative members

Feature 5

Providing great opportunities for research and education in Japanese

Feature 6

Promoting reform of administration system and career development

〈 Fostering global leadership for future generation 〉

Comprehensive Education Reform

Flexible acedemic calendar, First Year Experience, Trilingual Programs

Strategic Partnerships

Cutting-edge research collaboration with world-class Research Universities, strengthening partnerships with universities in emerging economiles

Design the platform that facilitates a Global Campus Model

Global Campus Promotion Office UGA (University Globalization Administrator)