The University of Tokyo

Administrative Staff Exchange with Princeton University on Strategic Partnerships Project

December 13, 2018

On the 3rd and 4th December, Prof. Masashi Haneda, Executive Vice President of the University of Tokyo, and six staff from the Administrative Bureau visited Princeton University, one of our Strategic Partner Universities, for administrative staff exchange. The University of Tokyo's delegation also exchanged thoughts with the Provost, Vice-Provost and other executive members of Princeton University.

During the two-day period, administrative staff from both universities gave presentations based on their work and exchanged information on fundraising, international academic exchange, student affairs, alumni, administrative work, as well as general information on the university, etc. Lively discussions and information exchange took place during each session among the participants. The delegation members also visited Princeton University's library, cafeteria, student center, art museum, classrooms and other facilities. The opportunity to exchange views, thoughts and opinions resulted in understanding the differences between the two universities and insights into how administrative staff can further assist the University of Tokyo.

Additionally, Princeton University's professors involved in joint research and education with the University of Tokyo as well as the administrative staff involved with international exchange joined the visitors from UTokyo for lunch and dinner. Information and hopes for the future of the partnership were shared over the meals.

The University of Tokyo and Princeton University signed a Memorandum on Strategic Partnerships Project in 2013. This memorandum was extended for an additional five years in September 2018. Based on the memorandum, both universities have been engaged in joint research and student exchanges. Further administrative staff exchanges are expected to take place. The strength of the current relations prove that the strategic partnership between the two universities will grow even stronger, and further activity in research and education exchange can be expected.