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  • (2019/7/10)元チュニジア大使による大学院「国連・外交コース」オープンセミナー





■日時: 7月 10日(水) 15時 10分 ~ 16時 40分

■場所・開催地:関西学院大学 西宮上ケ原キャンパス 大学院1号館 207教室


■講師:多賀 敏行 氏
大阪学院大学教授、中京大学客員教授。一橋大学法学部卒業後、外務省入省。本省国内広報課長、天皇陛下の侍従を務め、2009 年から2012 年まで駐チュニジア大使を務める。駐ラトビア大使を最後に2015 年外務省を退官。2016年より現職。


授業科目名: Seminar in Diplomacy, Peace and Security


"Thinking of Democracy -A Case Study of the Arab Spring in Tunisia"

The Arab Spring is known to be revolutionary democratization of the Arab States, which started as the "Jasmine Revolution" in Tunisia in 2011. The democratization in Tunisia was a success case, which gave an impact to the other Arabic countries including Egypt. What was really the reason for Jasmine Revolution, how it happened and what kind of impact did this Tunisia model of revolutionary democratization give to the neighboring Arab states. Was it really a democratization or a prelude to a different model of authoritarian regime? As guest speaker former Ambassador Prof. Taga, who witnessed the Jasmine Revolution as Japanese Ambassador there will explain this symbolic case of Arab Spring and argue its significance followed by discussions with students.



■問い合わせ:関西学院大学 国連・外交統括センター(TEL:0798-54-6436)