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  • THE Awards Asia 2022において本学がファイナリストに選ばれました


THE Awards Asia 2022において本学がファイナリストに選ばれました




広島大学はTHE Awards Asia 2022のInternational Strategy of the Yearというカテゴリーにエントリーし,


大賞は藤田医科大学で開催されるTHE Asia Universities Summit(5月31日から6月2日)で発表されます。


THE's Chief Knowledge OfficerであるPhil Baty氏からいただいたメッセージ:

"Once again this year we saw nearly 500 entrants from all corners of Asia and the Middle East submit

their best work for THE Awards Asia. The Covid-19 pandemic has continued to cast a shadow over

higher education institutions, and your brilliant response to its challenges rich in innovation,

clear thinking, and sheer hard work - is still in evidence, but across the 2022 shortlists we are

also pleased to shine a light on inspirational work that has continued, unrelated to or unaffected

by the virus. Inevitably with so many entries, we have already excluded countless wonderful

stories in reaching this final stage, so the 80 of you featured on this year's shortlists should be

incredibly proud of making it this far.

All of us at Times Higher Education look forward to celebrating your success - in person once again

- at Fujita Health University in Japan at the end of May."


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